Christine Kono
, having worked as a dancer with, among others, George Balanchine, Martha Graham, Eliot Feld and Kurt Jooss, met in 1992 at Pina Bausch‘s Wuppertaler Tanztheater, the poet Dimitris Kraniotis formed as a dancer by Jerome Andrews in Paris. Since then, their shared conviction to the adventure of dance has led them to an intensive research on the fundamentals of movement. They have created the Collective Ludwig.

In 1999, Christine Kono and Dimitris Kraniotis met David Kern and Thomas McManus (formerly of Ballet Frankfurt). Together they taught seminars based on technique, improvisation, and composition. As a result, ever since then, they continue their research and give each other feedback as dancers, teachers, and choreographers.

In 2000, Paolo Rudelli, a free-lance dancer and multi-media artist, began to follow the teachings of Christine Kono and Dimitris Kraniotis. Since then he has joined their research. He also made the dance film The Seventh Day about their work.

In 2002, Augusto Pavanel, painter and scenographer, began a series of collaborations with the collective.

Bruno Glorel, musician and actor, joined the collective for the events:
Impromptus, 2006 and Nothing always returns, 2009

Since the beginning of Collective Ludwig, the following dancers have also participated in the creative research:

Michael Schumacher Guillaume Lemasson
Elizabeth Waterhouse Delphine Demont
Roberta Mosca Elise Garreau
Christopher Roman Johanna Levy
Jone San Martin Sébastien Ly
Amancio Gonzalez Elodie Sicard
Yasutake Shimaji Gudrun Skamletz
Anna Chirescu Stéphane Vernier
Liam Warren Victor Pitron
Unita Gay Galiluyo Brit Rodemund

The aim of the collective is to stimulate and encourage a way to compose which appreciates the ephemeral
quality of dance and supports the vitality of the instant of creation. 

Dancers in the collective are always working to be in tune with both their bodies and creative imagination.
They are continuously developing their own vocabulary or "deep dance" in order to increase their ability to
perceive themselves as well as their relationship with everything and everyone in the space at every moment.

This requires an undeterminable amount of exchange, observation and discussion. This process is the key to
the research.

Once the movements begin to speak, the common theme of a possible event/performance begin also to appear.
At one point, the goal becomes evident: The atmosphere or statement to be created becomes clear. According
to the goal, the team finds a way of spontaneous composition which supports the creative spirit of each member.

This way of presentation enables the public to witness the actual process of creation first-hand…
The participants are not reproducing/repeating what has happened before. The paths to the goal are not fixed
but are determined by the situation at every moment. There is a definite difference in the vitality of a presentation
if people are recalling what happened before or if they are creating on-the-spot. The alertness which ensues from
such an art of composition thus encourages the development of an attentive and aperceptive dance audience.

The Collective Ludwig has created the dance events:

2001 Project No.1
in “Café Ami”, Weimar
with the Ensemble for Intuitive Music Weimar
Christine Kono, David Kern, Dimitris Kraniotis
2002 If out of
in “Le Regard du Cygne”, Paris
Christine Kono, David Kern, Dimitris Kraniotis, Augusto Pavanel
2003 Sacred Dances
in Friedens Church, Jena
with the Ensemble für Intuitive Musik Weimar
Christine Kono, David Kern, Dimitris Kraniotis
2006 Impromptus
in “La Chaufferie”, Paris
Christine Kono, Dimitris Kraniotis, Thomas McManus,
Augusto Pavanel, Paolo Rudelli
2007 L’altra svolta
in Festival “Biarteca”, Rosazza, Italy
Christine Kono, Dimitris Kraniotis
2009 Nothing always returns
in “La Chaufferie”, Paris
Christine Kono, Dimitris Kraniotis, Thomas McManus,
David Κern, Paolo Rudelli
2014 Aporia

in Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece
Christine Kono, Dimitris Kraniotis, Stéphane Vernier,
Liz Waterhouse, Paolo Rudelli.


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stage-menagerie-2004 cover    stage-CND-1999 cover


, Athens School of Fine Arts, 2014

Nothing always returns
, 2009  La Chaufferie, Paris
Photos by Thierry Gründler

, 2006  La Chaufferie, Paris
Photos by Thierry Gründler

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